I am a designer and Illustrator and this is my website.

CD Baby

Work created during my design internship at the publishing company CD Baby

File Under: Social Media Visuals, Blog Illustrations, Digital Collage

As the design intern at CD Baby I worked on graphics as a part of the social media and marketing team. To compliment CD Baby’s DIY spirit these visuals were inspired by zine collagerie and oldschool punk posters with a vibrant colorful twist. These visuals can be seen featured on CD Baby’s Instagram and the DIY Musician blog.

College of Urban and Public Affairs

Work created as the designer at Portland State’s College of Urban and Public Affairs

File Under: Social Media Visuals, Blog Illustrations, Digital Collage

While a student at Portland State I served for a year as the resident designer at the Portland State College of Urban and Public Affairs. My duties as the sole designer included creating flyers and posters as well as postcards, newsletters and even motion graphics and video content.


My Senior Thesis at Portland State University

File Under: Environmental Design, Design Research, 

This work was my thesis project at Portland State University. This work is an analysis of the internet art subgenre known as Vaporwave. My thesis posits that Vaporwave was foremost a satire of luxury in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. More importantly Vaporwave targets the idea of luxury and the aspirational fantasies of material wealth imprinted in our cultural memory. The thesis presentation was two-fold, first the Interface site which houses the writing portion of the project and the Interface - an immersive art experience. I created a full exhibition as a response to the notion of Vaporwave being a “dead” genre. In this portion of the project I sourced props, created sculptural pieces, created original imagery, curated existing imagery,and  used lighting and music design to create the immersive space.

Interface Sit



Album design for Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2015 album Emotion produced for a 

File Under:  Art Direction, Layout Design, Campaign Collateral 

This packaging design for Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Emotion” explores the bright, eighties tinged sounds of the album while still retaining a contemporary design sensibility. I expanded on this initial project by designing a visual system for the tour supporting the album for use by Carly’s team.


I am a designer and illustrator living and working in Portland, Oregon. I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design. During my school career I worked on campus at Portland State University’s College of Urban and Public Affairs as a Graphic Designer and later worked at the music publishing company CD Baby as a the Graphic Design intern within the marketing department.

Right now I’m doing freelance work. If you’d like to work on a project email me at heykatiepearce@gmail.com