My Senior Thesis at Portland State University
File Under: Environmental Design, Design Research,

This work was my thesis project at Portland State University. This work is an analysis of the internet art subgenre known as Vaporwave. My thesis posits that Vaporwave was foremost a satire of luxury in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. More importantly Vaporwave targets the idea of luxury and the aspirational fantasies of material wealth imprinted in our cultural memory. The thesis presentation was two-fold, first the Interface site which houses the writing portion of the project and the Interface - an immersive art experience. I created a full exhibition as a response to the notion of Vaporwave being a “dead” genre. In this portion of the project I sourced props, created sculptural pieces, created original imagery, curated existing imagery,and  used lighting and music design to create the immersive space


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